Garden Hammock With Stand Plan

Hammock was developed by native inhabitants of tropical regions because of simple reason – to be elevated above the ground during the sleep to avoid stings and bites of various creatures on the ground like ants and snakes. Spanish colonists noted use of the hammock by Native Americans and quickly introduced it for use. Christopher Columbus brought the hammock to Europe, and the Europeans quickly realized its other practical value, aside for sleeping in the woods. At the end of 16th century hammock was adopted for use on sailing ships, because the hammock save he space and, unlike the ordinary bed, swinging together with the ship, so the sailors did not fell out of it. If we know that beds on ships had several bunks, we can only presume how useful the hammock to the sailors was.

Today, use of the hammocks is widely accepted by the campers, forest scientists and explorers, as well as for the relaxation and for the rest. It can often be seen on the beach, by the pool, in the country-houses and gardens. For additional comfort, the hammock can have pillows or mosquito net.

Hammock types: There are several types of hammock: Spreader bar hammock, Mayan hammock, Brazilian hammock, Naval hammock, Venezuelan (Jungle) hammock, Travel hammock… Each type is distinctive and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hammocks are made in various dimensions, patterns, colors and out of different types of materials, like: natural or synthetic fabric, string, netting…

Many types of hammocks can be purchased in stores or via internet and the common thing for all of them is that they have to be attached between two supports. For supports you can use two trees at a suitable distance, tree and wall of the house, the supports buried into the ground… These are the simplest solutions, but their shortage is that they are fixed, and sometimes it is very difficult to find and use two existing supports in the yard or a garden. If there is no suitable spot, where you could attach your hammock, then the hammock stand is the best solution for you. The hammock stand can be purchased, or you can make it by yourself. There are many types of the hammock stands that you can buy or make: metal hammock stand, wooden hammock stand, arc hammock stand, classic frame hammock stand. We decided to present you an elegant wooden hammock stand of a very simple design, which can easily be made even in a less equipped workshops. Connections between the parts are made with fasteners, so it can be quickly disassembled and stored in a protected, dry place during periods when not in use.

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